Arrivederci Kittens


Well not goodbye entirely, but I decided that on this last day of the term I wanted to take a #RejectedBeautyQueen moment to thank you for following, reading or maybe accidentally clicking on this unicorn adventure.

We had fun kids, shared some laughs, cried a bit (wait was that just me?) and hopefully learned some news things. To be honest this journey has been costly and I BLAME YOU ALL… not totally, but a little bit. This blog 100% allowed me to get even more carried away with more makeup and skincare spending. Why you ask? Because school. Education. GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT! VIVA LA RESISTANCE!


Too much? Okay my mad. But all in all, thank you for being here and putting up with my sarcasm and hopefully enjoyable dry humour.

Again, not an official goodbye, might potentially continue these shenanigans. But for right now, I’m taking a break and signing off. It’s about time I finally enjoyed a vacation.

Thanks Kittens


Man, I smell like a woman

Let’s talk fragrances. Forever the #RejectedBeautyQueen, I’m sure to no one’s surprise, I also know little to nothing about perfume. All my knowledge of magic smelly water is the following:


  1. Eau de Parfum is a stronger concentrate, whereas Eau de Toilette is lighter.
  2. Scents have unique reactions to different people based on their bodies’ chemistry.
  3. We call fragrances cologne for men because they are whiney babies who feel emasculated by the term perfume.

Okay, perhaps I made up that last one, but for those who don’t know any better… I think that’s a totally believable theory. So being sure we get our ducks in order, I did some research curtesy of of Hello Magazine. Basically here is some real perfume knowledge; Perfume houses and manufacturers often have their own terms to justify categories of concentrations, essences, and aromatic oils but for the most part following a similar concept.

Eau de Cologne: Least concentrated, contains about 7% essence (magic stuff) and 60%-70% alcohol. Great for the summer cause it’s lighter which makes it more pleasant because of the heat. Typically, this is what you’ll find in the large 200 ml bottles.

Eau de Toilette: This one’s makeup is about 10% aromatic essence, making is only slightly more potent then cologne. Eau de Toilette and Eau to Cologne (or cologne for short) are the most popular forms of fragrances sold on the market.

Eau de Parfum: The fancier stuff, eau de parfum (EDP) is made up of 15%-20% of the aromatic essences and lasts longer in smell. This one also works well when sprayed on hair or clothing. However, be sure to watch our for delicate fabrics and jewelry.

Perfume: The big show, the real deal, the very very fancy stuff. Perfume is the highest concentrate of the aromatic essences making up 40% of the volume and  is applied directly to the skin on pulse spots – insides of the wrists, behind the ears, at the throat.

See below for my favourite repurchase and personal wishlist

Repurchase: Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue



Repurchase: Fossil 1954 Perfume Spray

Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 11.30.43 AM.png


Repurchase: VALENTINO Valentina Eau de Parfum

Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 11.52.39 AM.png


Wishlist: Giorgio Armani, Si Passione





Tshirt Show


You left your t-shirt at my apartment and I’m not giving it back

Finders keepers indeed. Im a classy lady working her 9-5 job which involves grown up clothes such as blouses and trousers. But weekend me is when I can be free and wear my favourite thing: T-Shirts.


From an education point, I have a BTech and often forget that get looped into the movement of Women in STEM. Sometimes I overlook even my own credentials considering my mind goes straight to the ultra intellects in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) making major strides in industry. But my accomplishments aside, I always support women pursuing typically male-dominated fields. Stick it to the man!

Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at 12.47.10 PM.png

Women in STEM — Women’s T-Shirt, $39


This one just speaks to me on so many levels. When I wear this one I both reclaim and OWN up to my thunder thighs nickname. Great workout shirt to remind the boys at the gym that their advances are unwanted, and my legs could crush their skulls like a watermelon being smashed on pavement.

Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at 12.58.46 PM.png

Thick thighs + Thin patience, $20


The proud Canuck that I am is always here to promote the Canadian features. Tee Public, which supports independent designers, is a a great website with tones of options for unique apparel dedicated to pop and nerd culture and has a section dedicated to Schitts Creek. Great show, would totally recommend, go love Eugene and Dan Levy – the kings of eyebrows.

Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at 8.12.19 PM.png

That Rose Store Long Sleeve Gold T-Shirt, $22


Similar to Tee Public, Society 6 is another online apparel stores that supports the work of independent designers. Sending digital love to my friend Celine (cozopictropic) who has created the wonderful masterpiece below. Personal opinion, Michelle Pfeiffer is THE BEST Catwoman. Meow.

Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at 8.22.40 PM

XIV T-shirt, $19.99


Finally, another good friend in need of some recognition for their efforts is The Design Hour. New site, created by a classmate of mine from Ryerson, the first design features are odes of affection to our undergrad (#GCMForever) and the amazing Frida Kahlo. Check our her work and be sure to comment to suggest new designs.

Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at 8.24.37 PM.png



YouTubers worth the subscription


Tati “tell it as it is” Westbrook. I’m not one to use the term savage, mainly cause it’s become an overused term for preteens, but Tati is that – savage. As someone who is constantly looking for a guide through the realm of makeup, Tati’s opinion is strong but refreshingly honest. Many popular youtubers get generous sponsorships deals from major brands to feature their items nowadays. This of course often alters their true feelings. Hence why Tati is my glowy goddess who always tells me the best foundations for my dry skin and sticks we well-manicured hand to the man, respectfully speaking.




Also a honest lady, Jackie Aina is another glamourpuss who will REALLY let you know her thoughts on new beauty products and is more than happy to call out brands for their blatant ignorance. Besides her big personality, Jackie is known for her product review videos and of course her amazing Trends We’re Ditching videos. Similar to Tati, she is not one to skew her thoughts on items due to collaborations and sponsorships, but is more than happy to let you know where to splurge and when to save. Check out her channel for in-depth product recommendations… so to sip some tea.




Its a calm and lazy Sunday, you’ve just poured yourself some coffee (or tea, I don’t hate) and happily click on the youtube machine to watch a newly posted video from Samantha Maria. To me, this woman is basically the epitome of casual chic. This is where I go when I need my fashion fix, because you guessed it, not only do I not know how to makeup but I also cannot dress myself like a real adult. You could say I’m stuck in the style version of Strangers Things’ The Upside Down. Not too pretty. So thank you Samantha for helpful  fashion inspiration and making my closet less of an eyesore.




From one end of the spectrum to another. Jeffree Star is no friend of makeup subtlety and truly lives by the mantra of “Go Big or Go Home”. Having initially started of his career as a scene rocker, Jeffree found his way into makeup and has shaken the beauty community to its core with bright colours and flashy highlighter. Also one for the dramatic look, he really made a name for himself when he launched his infamous liquid lipsticks. And if anyone else denies that he made liquid lipsticks a “thing”, well they’re dirty liars and you don’t need that kind of hatorade in your life.


What kind of beau cave would I  be if I didn’t share the love with the Canadian ladies killing it in the beauty world?! A very unpatriotic hoser that’s what. Allana is Vancouver-based and the queen of simplicity. Everything with her is easy-going, effortless and gives me hope that I’m maybe there is a chance I can achieve some level of her aesthetics. Such lovely aesthetics. I’m particularly in awe of how she styles sports coats and blazers.


Allana Davison


Thought I was done with the Canadian lovefest? NEVER! Put that in your double double and smoke it. This smokeshow might have left the great white north for London, but she’s still doing us proud. She keeps my lipstick and skincare addiction in-check, and probably has THE easiest to read style blog that can potentially save the most hopeful of fashion victims. Heck don’t just subscribe to her YouTube channel, follow her on ALL the social channels! Thank you Estee my minimalist champion, I shall follow you to the ends of the Canadian Arctic Tundra.


Estee Lalonde


Now before you get any ideas of wild disorderly shenanigans from the title, sorry to destroy the facade but this isn’t that kind of post. To my delight, some of you have mentioned wanting to see more of my photography – which is lovely for me as it is a great excuse to go more, for work purposes of course.

I decided to take you on a journey of contentment in Downtown Oakville today. Though not the same kind of night life as Toronto, Oakville has the rustic feel of Toronto’s Distillery District and the quaintness of Gilmore Girls’ Stars Hollow.

Seeing as I have been doing a lot of the beauty part of this beauty and lifestyle blog, seems only fair to share a bit more of the later. So without further rambling, I hope you enjoy a mixture of Oakville’s old and new scenery.
















Beauty Blogs for Bloggers

Being true to my self-made title of the #RejectedBeautyQueen, I am a amateur student of the industry who is just trying to teach herself the ways of the false lash and proper brow grooming. And to that I say always wait for the clue to be tacky before applying.

Now, YouTube videos have definitely taken me on a long makeup-filled journey, and it would be foolish, not to mention lazy researching, to say I’ve learned all my tips from one source. Had we been having this conversation 3-5 years ago I would be giddy as a school girl talking about GLOW, FLARE and LOU LOU magazine. Alas times have changed and the new trendsetters have found new platforms. In my opinion, Instagram is fun, but it’s a lot of copycats and I want information with true substance. So without further rambling, here are my top picks for beauty blogs that, in my opinion, are must-reads:


Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 11.37.10 PM.png


Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 11.38.22 PM


Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 11.39.48 PM


Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 11.41.42 PM.png


Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 11.43.17 PM.png


Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 11.44.47 PM.png


Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 11.45.55 PM.png

Men + Makeup

men and makeup.jpg

Skincare and updated beauty regimes are no longer part of yo mama’s makeup routine.

Over the past few years it has been easy to see that the way we shop and consume our fashion is becoming more gender-neutral. For a while, the beauty industry always focused on catering to the needs of the different genders – whereas now they celebrate change and embrace gender fluidity. As gender diversity becomes increasingly visible, and “traditional stereotypes begin to dissolve, and this kind of gendered marketing begins to look out-dated and out of touch“.

Like so many others ladies I too love the bold colours, (bring me ALL the cool-toned hot pink lipsticks) however the lack of neutral options has creative a problem by restricting binary categorization. In comes Gender-Neutral BrandsThese can be brands that actively market themselves as unisex, such as the self-explanatory Non Gender Specific or the K-beauty inspired brand Panacea. Male grooming is a multi-billion industry worldwide with numbers consistently growing as men continue to invest in their appearances.


Model is wearing COVERGIRL Trublend Base business skin primer (colour neutralizing), COVERGIRL vitalist healthy concealer, CLINIQUE blended face powder, Urban Decay One & Done Blur on the run touch-up and finishing balm, and NYX Precision brow pencil

Now men and makeup is by no means a new concept. Androgynous styles and Drag have been around since before the 80’s (and to all the Queens out there, YAAAS YOU SLAY and ILY Sasha Velour <3) but something that’s becoming more prominent in mainstream media is gender neutrality and makeup for cisgender men.  As the #RejectedBeautyQueen, the name itself basically means “not an expert” but a girl can’t help but notice the changing meaning masculinity.

Though different from full-face makeup beauty gurus, men are still generally invested in their appearances and this interest has led to the creation of makeup and skincare lines structured towards supplying the “everyday man’s need”. Just like women, studies show that men are increasingly dissatisfied with their bodies and for that reason more are flipping the bird to the “Man’s” gendered double-standard on beauty.

I personally first started seeing makeup for cisgender men on this ad by Annabelle


Not once do they mention makeup for men, society’s social construct, sexual orientation or even defending their choice of model. I was impressed by the use of a man, for a typically women’s centred line, just showing the product and not making a big deal (or any at all for that matter) of its impact.




Brands such as Formen, JECCA MAKEUP, Fluide and Both Ways Cosmetics are all examples of non-women specific brands (Formen though identifies as a “makeup line created by men for men“) working to fill the gap in the market beauty market, one which is overwhelmingly catered towards the needs of cisgender women. While many men and women share similar beauty issues, Foremen tackles skin issues unique to cisgender men. Foreman’s $35 Invisible Blotting Powder attempts to “control excess oil that accumulate on the face.” Men sweat twice as much as women, according to The International Dermal Institute.

“While a number of legacy beauty companies — like L’Oreal, Mac and Covergirl — have used marketing to show their gender-inclusivity, a few have done so through products. For example, Tom Ford has a concealer for men; Clinique has a men’s face bronzer; and Calvin Klein sells manscara” (NBC News, 2018).

I identify as a cisgender female and know that when it comes to the beauty industry, everything it catered towards my wants and needs. And for this I am quite lucky. I can’t say that I’ve gone through the troubles of experiencing societal backlash for wanting to wear makeup – but for those that, I am happy to see minds are changing and there are more ways for everyone to feel happy in their own skin.